Saudi Arabia: Don’t Spy In Saudi Arabia

saudi intel


16 Saudis, one Iranian and one Lebanese citizen were arrested in Saudi Arabia on 19 March on the charges of espionage.  In addition, another three men were arrested in Riyadh for providing classified information about Aramco facilities and installations.  All the men were arrested and charged for providing classified and sensitive information to the same body.

Subsequently on 27 March, Saudi authorities publicly acknowledged that the individuals were arrested and charged with spying on behalf of Iran.  Interior Ministry spokesperson, Major General Mansour Al-Turki, confirmed that physical evidence had been collected, and the statements made by the defendants in this case reveal direct links between the cell and the Iranian intelligence service.”

Political analysts and media in Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia have

accused Shi’ite Iran of being behind the alleged espionage.

The two countries are locked in a struggle for influence

across the region, backing opposing sides in Bahrain, Yemen,

Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.


While Iranian news agencies have denied the charges or any links to the individuals, the Iranian Ambassador to Riyadh has returned to Tehran for unknown reasons.

Interior Ministry officials and representatives from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service, Al-Mukhabarat Al-A’amah are not going to tolerate or go easy on any individual found spying against the Kingdom.  Like most Middle Eastern intelligence services the interrogation techniques and methods utilized to extract information and acquire confessions will be highly effective.


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  1. Saudi Arabia, as usual, is lying again and it is not the first time. They have a habit of blaming Iran for any and every thing in the Kingdom gone wrong and opposing the regime or one of its many many members of royal families. And of course western media, when it come to its paymasters, only parrot their words without asking for proof or facts.

    Besides, Iran has denied any and all involvement as to be expected. Also, the whole Shia community in Saudi Arabia and their leaders have objected to the charges and demand immediate release of the accused.–saudi-shiites-urge-release-of-iran-linked-spy-suspects.html

  2. Yeah right, like anyone believes anything coming out of Saudi. I do believe this is a primary country that spawns terrorist and their affiliations.

  3. I would never under-estimate their intelligence or security forces though…

    On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 10:03 PM, American Bedu

  4. “Like most Middle Eastern intelligence services the interrogation techniques and methods utilized to extract information and acquire confessions will be highly effective.”

    You mean torture as the highly effective technique, don’t you?

  5. Hmmmm. Looks like it is all a ruse for saudis to further repress and subjugate its shia citizens. Many sunnis don’t even consider shias as “muslims”. Stay tuned: public weekend beheadings of shias at the chop-chop square will be rather active in the future.

  6. What if you were a victim of human rights abuses and in your search for justice via police, human rights organizations and other government authorities you recorded these attempts right up and including the day you finally got to file an official complaint and then immediately without any legal proceedings you were taken to jail where you were told that you’d be “denied food, water and chained like an animal”? Would that be considered spying?

  7. I thought spying is legal! How many American spies operating in Saudi today? And how many contacts working with american embassy and american intelligence agencies in riyadh or jeddah? Hundreds if not Thousands. Wikileaks illustrate huge spying activities by america in Saudi land. Even some confidential information about the King health is being circulated in US State Department. This shows the extent of spying. So it is not clear to me why American spies are tolerated while Iranians are not.

  8. Just because the Saudi system is unjust doesn’t mean that the accusations of spying are untrue.

  9. Snowman,

    You seem to have a fetish about wikileaks in every post you write :)-

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