Saudi Arabia: The Extremes of Smuggling



It is a fact that illegal drugs do make their way into Saudi Arabia and that there is an underground drug trade.  Anyone caught with buying or selling illegal drugs in the Kingdom face harsh penalties including the death penalty.

Most of the traffickers who bring drugs into the Kingdom are foreign men.  A smaller percentage are Saudi nationals.  Surprisingly, the Holy City of Makkah is facing increased drug abuse .

When one thinks of illegal drugs the ones that probably come first to mind are cocaine, hashish and marijuana.  Anti-depressants are also in demand.

Most recently, Saudi customs officials apprehended an Arab woman on arrival in Yanbu for possession of Tramadol which is a narcotic strength pain reliever.  The Arab woman had attempted to smuggle 2,440 Tramadol pills inside of four frozen ducks.  The officials discovered the ducks and subsequently the pills when they searched her luggage.

Details of the woman’s fate had not been released.


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  1. It is to happen whenfreedom wishes to be rich over night. It is nothing new it is going on through out the world. What about the west and Europe.

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