Saudi Arabia: Surgical Paralysis – It’s All Up to the Judges

surgical paralysis


A Saudi judge has sentenced a 24 year old Saudi man to surgical paralysis if he can’t raise US$270,000 towards blood money for the aggrieved family.  This ruling stems back to an incident which occurred ten years old when Ali Al-Khawahir, who was only 14 years old at the time, had an altercation with a childhood friend.  Al-Khawahir, in his anger and rage, stabbed the friend in the back with a knife which resulted in the friend being paralyzed from the waist down.

At the time of the crime, the friend and his family demanded 1,000,000 SAR in blood money as retribution.  Al-Khawahir’s family had no access to such a vast amount and Al-Khawahir was imprisoned instead.

It is not clear why the ruling to now inflict surgical paralysis has been raised in this current date and time.  Al-Khawahir has already spent ten of his most formulative years of his life in prison.

The fact that a Saudi court has ruled in favor of surgical paralysis on Al-Khawahir for an incident which occurred ten years ago now makes one wonder about what the future will hold for another young Saudi man.  A Saudi woman refused retribution of six million SAR when she became paralyzed in an accident which was found to be the fault of the young Saudi man.  Instead, she requested that the man who paralyzed her in turn be surgically paralyzed.  However, the ruling judge in Jeddah requested the woman reconsider and deferred on making a verdict.

It is the opinion of American Bedu that neither individually will be surgically paralyzed.  In the case of Al-Khawahir since a sum of money is involved, it is highly likely a benefactor will come forward and pay the amount on his family’s behalf.

However, both of these cases due question the legitimacy, boundaries and authorities of Saudi judges.  One judge made it obvious he was against such a demand and another judge ruled that it was “okay.”  While the Quran may cite “an eye for an eye,” the true practice of Islam is to be kind and forgiving.


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  1. holy!! i’m sorry, I live in a bubble or something. I’m completely shocked after reading this post, and the reference article linked. Wow.

  2. Chopping heads and limbs, mutilating genitals and castrating people are some of the violent tools absolute systems use to maintain power.

    One must remember that the Saudi judges, clerics and Muftis are only tools through which the system justifies its brutality.

  3. So which doctor will do this nasty work? I’m pretty sure they will not find one dr ready to Maim someone intentionally – criminal or otherwise.

  4. Radha…you can get anyone to do any atrocity…if you present the right incentive to them. History has proven that far too often.

  5. I believe the “eye for an eye” principle is to limit revenge, not to exact it. It is better to forgive.

  6. What can you expect from a country where people can be beheaded for “sorcery” , they really live in the middle ages !!!!! It is sad, but they will find a person to do the “job”.
    If you follow the advices of such blood dripping books like the bible and the Quran you will get verdicts as these …(btw. these books should be on an index… and for adults only, because of the cruel contents)

  7. “And We ordained for them therein a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds is legal retribution. But whoever gives [up his right as] charity, it is an expiation for him. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” –Koran 5:45

    What’s that? The Jewish/Christian Scriptures say “an eye for an eye” as well? So where are Jews or Christians meting out punishments like this one?

    The utter, calculated evilness and vileness of this is beyond words. And those **Saudi and Muslim** students in Town Squares across Kafiristans, handing out **flowers**, and burbling about how islam is ‘peace and love’. And them stupid **useful fools** grinning and accepting their wicked rubbish.

    Faugh. I feel sick.

  8. Barbaric. Evil. Disgusting.
    Am I surprised? Not at all.

  9. And then there are those idiot Westerners who are CONVERTING to this horror??!!! Don’t you think they would at least research what they are about to embrace? Kind of reminds me of someone who leaps off the high diving board BEFORE they check to see if there is any water in the pool!

    Sorry to hurt anyone’s feelings but gawd, I hate this Islam that is practiced in saudi arabia and other saudi satellite muslim countries…

  10. Myronleonard2013, the Westerners who have embraced Islam remind me of those Westerners who embraced socialism 30 years ago without doing any research on the horrors of socialism. It was just the latest fad and Islam seems to have replaced it as the latest fad. It’s all too easy to accept a set of beliefs when you live thousands of miles away and don’t have to live through the horror of its perversions every day.

  11. But one can “buy” their way out of the punishment?? Hmmmm… again, that evil arrangement seems to favour the wealthy and the powerful.

    Remember that poor 5-year old girl who finally died after the brutal and sadistic treatment she received from her “imam” father? He got the “bargain rate” – 1/2 price – because she was only a girl.

    I remember the article (posted by Carol Bedu last month) mentioned that when his wife asked him how he could do such cruel and horrible things to his own daughter, he just responded with an evil chuckle. No remorse or repentance there – just an evil sense of self-satisfaction that he “beat the system” by paying the mother some money.

    Why wasn’t the same punishment meted out to him? Because he could afford to buy his way out of punishment. And these addle-brained people call THAT justice? (Yeah, I already know about the 4 MALE witnesses needed to corroborate a claim of rape. If there were 4 male witnesses they were probably the ones who raped her!)

    Izzat Begov
    Chechnya, RU

  12. Wrenching and it’s all done (justified) in the name of god and religion.

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