Saudi Arabia: Which One is the Wronged Party?

deserted by bride

A young Saudi bridegroom had demonstrated good luck in the currency trading market.  Before he knew it, he had amassed a significant amount of money and had also bought a large house.  Newly wealthy and believing he was stable, it was time for him to marry.  He did not have any difficulties in finding a Saudi woman agreeing to be his wife.

They had a lovely wedding.  However, after the wedding ceremony and with anticipations of the wedding night and bright future ahead for the newly married couple, the husband wanted his wife to know about a recent change in his circumstances.

Lured by greed, he decided he would make one more investment just prior to his wedding.  He wanted to receive the maximum possible return so he chose to invest his entire fortune into the market even though he was strongly discouraged by investment counselors to do so.  Unfortunately, rather than receive the return of his dreams, instead he lost not only his monetary fortune but his house, too.

On hearing this news, the wife left him and has filed for divorce.  The new groom ended up in the hospital due to shock at this drastic turn of events.

This situation highlights the increased trend of divorce in Saudi Arabia as well as the need for investors, young or old, to either follow the advice of investment counselors or insure that they understand well data and risk management.

American Bedu has another question for consideration which she poses to readers.  Which of the two is really the wronged party?  The groom because his new wife chose to leave and divorce him so easily or the wife because of her husband’s foolhardy investment?


4 Responses

  1. The man is the quality one, definitely. Because his actions refelcted his inability to be a resposible husban. He got what he deserved.

  2. I think neither party is truly wronged. Given the nature of Saudi relationships, there wasn’t any real relationship here to break up. It isn’t as if either party invested many years in this. The man showed that he was a greedy and careless person. The woman made a sensible decision, it is better to cut your losses.

  3. I think it would be more difficult to stay with someone you only know superficially in the first place. It’s not like they had some strong love bond to help them survive the husband’s stupidity.

  4. This just sounds like lack of wisdom for both parties. They’re young; they’ll learn. The man was probably trying to make sure him and his wife were set for their future (including future children) or perhaps he enjoys playing the stock market and it wasn’t simply about money. Hopefully after he rebuilds his wealth, he’ll be a little less careless next time. As for the wife, she probably wanted a man who would always care for her needs and be the provider for her. A person who likes to gamble on the stock market would not be a good choice for her because she won’t have the security she’s looking for. Even if the man is more responsible next time, I doubt his risk-taking personality would do well with someone who prefers more stability.

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