USA/KSA: Who is Behind the Boston Marathon Attacks


First of all, deep condolences for the lives lost in yesterday’s Boston Marathon due to a cowardly act of terror.  Prayers to all the victims who were injured as well as to the families who lost loved ones.

terror strikes boston


Yesterday was a day of tragedy in Boston and for the United States.  Yesterday the annual Boston Marathon race was held in the city of Boston .  It is held each year in the city of Boston on Patriot’s Day and considered one of the most prestigious running events in the United States, if not the world.  However, yesterday’s marathon was marred by both tragedy and terrorism when explosives were detonated just as runners were crossing the finish line.  This blatant act of terrorism has thus far resulted in two deaths, one of whom was an eight year old boy, more than 130 individuals injured and no confirmed suspects.

Initial reports cited that a Saudi national (male) on a student visa was considered a suspect.  The Saudi was also injured during the explosions and taken to one of Boston’s many hospital’s where he was under watch and being questioned by law enforcement.  Law enforcement was also continuing its search for another individual, described as either a ‘dark skinned or black male’ seen at the area of the scene who was reported to have been acting suspiciously.

Because law officials suspected the explosive devices as having been set off remotely via cellular phone, Boston’s cellular networks were shut down.  Law officials wanted to ensure that all the explosives had been found and that there was no chance of any remote detonation.

Right now, we can only speculate who is behind these raucous acts of terror.  According to this TMZ report, which lists the series of events in a timeline, it seems the Saudi national is no longer considered a subject.

The investigation is ongoing and American Bedu is confident that law enforcement and security officials will soon have the complete details who is behind the bombings and arrests forthcoming.  Given that the bombs were exploding from low to the ground and most injuries occurred to individuals below the waist, American Bedu ponders on whether the individual behind the bombings was perhaps someone who was disgruntled with the Marathon and/or holding a grudge because perhaps he or she did not qualify for the Marathon?

If it were discovered that a Saudi was involved in either the planning and/or execution of the attack, this would certainly impact the relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.  It would likely have an immediate impact on the thousands of Saudi students who study or would like to study in the United States.



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  1. Why speculate at all?

  2. It is convenient to forget Timothy McVeigh, isn’t it?

    I quite agree if it was a Saudi involved, the implications will be huge.

    It will be head on between Saudi and US policy on wider issues.

    The more significant this impact the longer it takes to ‘uncover’ the perpetrators.

    I wonder what’s brewing…who’s about to be replaced high up?

  3. First of all, Saudi’s were involved in 9/11. If anything would affect the relationship between the US and KSA it would have been then, but the USA and Saudi Arabia plotted 9/11 as a false flag to get into Iraq. You know the Saudi’s don’t like Iraq. Second of all, this was also an inside job. There were bomb sniffing dogs, there at the finish line, a lot of security, and if they really wanted to set off a bomb, why didn’t they place it under the spy cam that is on a scissor at the end of the race? Plus they were having preplanned bombing around Boston on the same day? Come on now. We may be stupid, but I don’t think we are that stupid. Then Brian Jennings said “This is how they do it overseas.” meaning the bombs were placed only a few feet away from each other. So in referencing overseas, we automatically say “terrorist” which is always directed towards those in al-qaeda or Taliban.

  4. @Penny, I guess you figured it out with Brian Jennings.

  5. I’m curious. In your opinion did the US and Saudi relations suffer because of 9/11 because I never felt it did? But maybe your having Saudi connections, you could tell us differently.

  6. Carol, I have been trying to find the name of the Saudi suspect you mentioned on your blog, but when I googled for the information, it says Boston police “quashed that report”. There was never a Saudi being questioned. I pray they catch whom ever did this terrible act.

  7. Terrorist have no nationality, they come from every where; America, Gaza, Syria, Saudi, Iraq, England, France, ect. We need to remember that before condemning any country as to producing terrorist. I pray no Saudi National was involved. I feel sad for the other possible countries the terrorist come from as it puts a stain on the every one of them they do not deserve.
    Let Law Enforcement do their jobs and the Press stop speculating and making accusations. Remember the Atlanta Olympic Bombings? The press and the public convicted the wrong guy and kept the real bomber on the streets far longer than they should have.

  8. The Saudi guy had nothing to do with it, he was wounded too btw.
    As for now nobody has claimed these disgusting crimes and they could have been done by anybody, from North Korea to homegrown right wing terrorists, of which there are a lot but American government ignores them completely.

  9. It’s rather unfortunate that most people perceive Islam as what muslims do. As long as muslims, albeit a tiny minority, insist on carrying out global jihads and worldwide fitnas, most people will continue to associate the word “terrorism” with “islam/muslims”.

    Like it has been said, Life Is Not Fair :)-

  10. Grief is grief…pain of loss is a human issue, not a geopolitical one.
    Aafke, nicely said 🙂

  11. @Aafke-Art, the US government ignores them because of a few factors. When the government does go after a group for crimes committed, others then take up the cause of that group, claiming oppression and all manner of other paranoid claims.
    Personally, I’ve never considered such a game of whack a mole not worthwhile, but the government thinks otherwise.
    However, you are correct, the only thing we can know for certain is that the bomber is human, over 150 are injured, 3 are dead, one of whom was an 9 year old child.
    The only other thing we can agree on is, this was a criminal act of the most reprehensible sort

    @Penny, please try living in the real world with the rest of us. The US government is notorious throughout the world for being utterly unable to keep a secret. Throughout its entire history.
    Not to mention that the conspiracy theory has the US blaming a group in Afghanistan for the attacks, yet attacking Iraq in response. Something that didn’t happen, as the Iraqi invasion was based upon the false yellowcake report and some speculate on personal considerations.

  12. @wzrd, could not have said it better. Look what NATO did last week. They killed 12 babies, including several female civilians, and their response was “Mistakes happen” BIG Oops! Atrocity justified.

  13. @Norma, would you have been as upset at the civilian deaths in Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo during WWII?
    Innocent civilians get injured or killed in war. The military uses weapons, not magic.

  14. The Saudi’s name was never released to the public although one of the hyperlinks in the post cite the-initial- suspicion of a Saudi. That view has since been changed although authorities did search his apartment.

    Of course we should speculate on who is behind such an act of terror in order to ultimately identify and remove such individuals from society. We can’t bury our head in the sand when such a heinous act of terror takes place.

  15. USA and KSA did come together and collaborate during 9/11 but that does not mean the same sense of trust was in place as before. However, due to the importance and necessity of the relationship, the two countries cooperated and Saudi was very forthcoming in allowing US officials to come to Saudi and establish a new presence, particularly in regards to access to Saudi financial records which allowed direct monitoring of flow of Saudi funds.

  16. What I find alarming is the Tweets of Erik Rush.
    “Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let’s bring more Saudis in without screening them! C’mon! #bostonmarathon — Erik Rush (@erikrush) April 15, 2013”
    When a responder tweeted, “Are you ALREADY BLAMING MUSLIMS??” Rush responded:

    “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”

    Such is how panics, mob violence and witch hunts gets started. No evidence, only hysteria spurring fear in a vacuum of any form of evidence whatsoever.
    Perhaps, we should renew an old lesson. A lesson of there are limits to one’s first amendment rights, inciting imminent lawless action is not protected speech.

  17. Much much too early to speculate. Remember the Brazilian in the London bombings.

  18. And then we have these nutters …

    The Westboro Baptist Church is blaming same-sex marriage for the Boston Marathon bombing. According to a tweet sent by Margie J. Phelps on April 15, the spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church and daughter of its founder, Fred Phelps, God sent the bombs because of gay marriage.

  19. Westboro Baptist blames everything under the sun bad on same-sex marriage and homosexuality.
    Anything to get a headline and attention. And if they’re stopped by a community from protesting, more money in their coffers via their family owned law firm suing over the violation of their first amendment rights.

  20. Dato, I respectfully disagree with your use of the word “perceive” in your post. It is in fact reality! While it’s true that not all muslims are terrorists, invariably all terrorists have been muslims. There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn’t because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists, but because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of these terrorists.

    According to Steve Emerson of the “Investigative Project on Terrorism”, Islamist terrorists have carried out over 20,000 deadly terrorist attacks, since 9/11 to-date. These are not incidents of ordinary crime involving nominal Muslims killing for money or vendetta. These only include incidents of deadly violence that are reasonably determined to have been committed out of religious duty — as interpreted by the perpetrator. Islam needs to be a motive, but it need not be the only factor.

    These muslim terrorists (a tiny minority but translates into something like 3-millions) carry out their vile and heinous acts of terrorism in the name of Allah/Mohammed. To wit: Koran 48:29 – Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.

  21. @Craig,

    All terrorists are not Muslim (just think of the Oklahoma bombing or Ted Kaczynski).

  22. I hope they find the sick person that caused the bombings. From what I read about the Saudi “suspect”, I don’t think he did it. As much that I was shocked about the Boston Marathon bombing, at least it was a one-time event in the US. In some countries, it’s a monthly (or weekly) occurrence. Of course, this leads to the question: How safe is the US really, these days?

    A lot of the “Islamist” terrorism can be traced back to a mafia group of sorts where the people at the top use greed and religion as a way to get the people under them to do their dirty work. And my guess is that in most cases, it’s the money. Let’s say a poor person can barely afford food for his/her family. Now this mafia group comes along and says if you kill these people in the name of religion, not only will the afterlife be better for you but we will give you more money so you can even buy your own house and maybe one day have more power, too. It’s completely evil and wrong, but it happens.

    And I would imagine that greed and power are better motivators for the majority of the human population than religion or simply “doing the right thing”.

  23. Here’s a good timeline and explanation of domestic terrorism in the United States. I strongly disagree with Craig’s comment that all terrorists have been Muslims. That is certainly -not- the case.

    On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 2:42 PM, American Bedu

  24. Saudi Involvement is suspected

    As long as Saudi State officially supports the doctrine that encourages terrorism and dehumanizes people of other faith, it could be construed as a tacit support of terrorism by the Saudi Government.

    Oops i forgot US would never condemn Saudi State as the politicians get good funding from them…

  25. I am with AmBedu: Carol 1 x Graig 0. I have little love for islam but one must admit that not all Muslims are terrorists or evil. There are good Muslims.

    Having said that, I am always suspicious of people who loudly proclaim that islam is perfect, or, worse yet, misunderstood. I take issue with the silly idea that it is wrong to judge Muslims and Islam by what Muslims do, not because of the few Muslims that do vile things, but because of the other 99% that accept the hate, violence and discrimination that is so typical of Muslim societies. Dato is probably from Malaysia, a country with institutionalized racism and discrimination against non-Muslims. Why should she/he find fault with our perception of Islam, given that most Muslims have no problem with the theology in the Quran, the actions of their dear prophet or Muslim (mis)treatment of non-Muslims?

    Having said that too, I find the Saudi – Boston link very strange, based upon the first reports. They sure didn’t act like terrorists, standing around together near the bomb. Maybe a case of wrong people in the wrong place at wrong time. If they actually were involved, give them a cell between the shoe guy and the underware bomber.

  26. @AB

    That list of historic incidents of terrorism is very odd. Mob murder of Joseph Smith is not what one thinks of as a terrorist action. The German-American Bund, whatever it was, was not really a terrorist organization in a sense that we would know it today. Even the Westboro church isn’t a terrorist organization, it may be reprehensible but it protests in public and isn’t violent (nasty perhaps but not violent).

  27. Hello American Bedu,
    Can you please comment on the National Police and Morality Police spat during the Jandariyah festival here:

    I saw this video linked here, in the comments and thought it was interesting:


  28. Just saw on TV last night that “Saudi man ruled out as suspect in Boston terror bombings”. Sure the culpable parties are gone. There will be no arrests. Instead, we will be stuck with the faceless shadow of an imagined enemy and we will be reminded daily … by the “anyone could have done that” brigade … that this attack could have been committed by absolutely anyone or could have been a false flag done by the Mossad or the CIA.

    Our preezy ends up looking like a hero, Muslims are vindicated, Islam is glorified, and US-Saudi relations are preserved. They may have cleared that suspect, but this attack has Mohammed’s/Allah’s fingerprints all over them pressure cookers …

  29. Myron,

    Lighten up and open that closed mind of yours!

    I believe the verdict will come out it was local American home-grown terrorism either due to a disgruntled runner who did not qualify for the Marathon or another crazy in retribution of income tax day.

  30. For those who are condemning all Muslims as terrorist: I wonder if you would have said the same thing about the Christians during the Crusades or the Inquisitions? Evil hides behind the skirts of religion, evil in in the hearts of all men. Just because evil is hiding behind the Muslim religion at this moment does not mean Islam is evil. I grew up with the Christians and Catholics bombing each other in Northern Ireland. Get your heads out of the sand!

  31. I’m honestly thinking that it may be a US prior service member. There were some aspects of the bomb that may suggest it.
    That said, it’s a hunch, based upon only one piece of information. Use of a pressure cooker as a tamper isn’t anything new, nor is the use of nails as secondary shrapnel. It all comes down to old fashioned police work and forensics, with some potential for a lucky break from any random photographs taken prior to the blast.

    Myron, I honestly am thinking that you yearn for it to be a Saudi and are upset over the ruling out of one person in the list of suspects. I’m happy that one person was ruled out and that now allows the suspect list to get slightly shorter.
    One can get fewer examples of that blind hatred looks and sounds like.

  32. Personally I hope it’s an internal problem for the health and safety of all Islamic countries and Muslims everywhere.

  33. Sen. Roger Wicker and President Obama apparently have had letters intercepted that contained ricin.
    That’s sounding more internal than external.

  34. As you can read in the newspaper, there is something going on with the Bin Ladens and family of 9/11 victims at court…… what a coincitend mmmmhhhhhh

  35. Which newspaper, ange? There are many, many newspapers and many don’t cover the courts in New York.

  36. It sounds internal. I doubt a foreign terrorist groups would plan an event for Patriots day or tax day. Neither event means anything outside the US.

  37. hi @wzrd1 it was a boston newspaper

  38. @wzrd1 it was the boston globe……

  39. ´@jerry M we will see , but if somebody wants to set a signal he/she will use these dates

  40. Wendy, Nothing much will happen for you to worry about the “health and safety of all Islamic countries and Muslims everywhere”. We are much too civilized for our own good.

    At most, a few people will proclaim “I told you so” and say that terror is to be expected from a group of people that worship the Quran and Mohammed, follow by the usual rebukes from the media, academia and other powers that be who will tell us that Muslims are peaceful and its only a few radical (not real) Muslims that do these things.

    But then again, mangled limbs and torn bodies are nothing compared to the evil of hurting feelings or drawing cartoons. Once again, I am in a pisspoor mood.

    The good news is that the Saudis are clear and very lucky. They could have been hurt or killed, like the Chinese student. The bad news is that it seems that the authorities are having trouble with their investigation and that means that this person(s) could strike again. There are no background checks on pressure-cookers.

  41. … if it turns out to be the work on some islamic individual or group — but we know nothing so far about who did the horrible thing. Children!!!!!! They killed and mangled children!

  42. But why do we complain,there is nearly no day that there is no bombing in Irak or Pakistan or what ever because of this peaceful —-Islam——————-

  43. Please watch this video…..may be it will open the eyes…….


  44. Ange, unable to locate any story on OBL’s family and the 9-11 families in court on the Boston Globe site. Tried a few searches, which were sluggish and failed a few times, still got nothing when the searches worked (I think their site is being a bit overloaded, due to the bombing).
    Do you have a URL for the story?

  45. I did see a blurb about what Ange is talking about in Google News. I think the mention is entirely coincidental and not related in any way.

    On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 6:33 PM, American Bedu

  46. Thanks Carol, found it. Bin Laden’s son in law’s trial being held up due to budget sequestration.
    It’s nice to know that Congress can even hold our justice system hostage.

  47. Long time reader, first time commenter. Great insightful posts, on this thread and others, both pros and cons!!!!

  48. Boston Bombing Cover-up – Reuters is reporting that President Obama had a secret meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister on Wednesday. It sounds like they discussed getting the first person of interest in the Boston bombing out of the country, a 20 year old Saudi national by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi with known links to al-Qaida.

    Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was injured in the blast, put under armed guard at the hospital, and a large group of federal and state law enforcement agents raided his apartment. Obama agreed to let Alharbi be deported next week rather than held for further questioning because he didn’t want to see Saudi Arabia embarrassed.

  49. ridiculous.

  50. Wow! So, we should trust some right wing conspiracy site over all other media, the US government, reality and the laws of physics or something.
    To be honest, after a few minutes perusing the site, I’m shocked about only one thing: There’s nothing about the greens and blues arriving in their space ships and taking over the world secretly.

    Thanks for the laugh, Umm.

  51. wzrd1, on April 17, 2013 at 11:16 am said: Use of a pressure cooker as a tamper isn’t anything new, nor is the use of nails as secondary shrapnel.

    You are right! The use pressure cookers as deadly arsenal was perfected by Al-Qaeda not too long ago. I am not too sure though that you will trust this left wing conspiracy site over all other media, either :)-

  52. Many of you will be surprised to know, there is an American publication called the Anarchist Cookbook. It has pressure cookers for bombs in it as well as a lot of common everyday things one can use to kill others. It is mainstream, not hidden, you just need to know where to find it.

  53. Well, well…. Brothers from Chechnya! Very unexpected. I guess that explains the killing children thing. if they kill hundreds at a school, what are a few people on a sidewalk in Boston to them…. Let my scenario proceed….

  54. @kat, there are two versions of the anarchist’s cookbook. There was the original one and a later version that had inaccurate and even potentially harmful instructions in it.
    Somewhere, I have the original version, acquired back in the end of the C=64 days. Haven’t looked for it since those days, I had a bit better training in the military.
    No use for that today, as the only thing I’m interested in terrorizing is a buffet line. 😉

  55. I hate to say this as the Govt. will probably start watching me, but a good southern redneck can do better than most of what is in that book!

  56. Sad to see it was Muslims. 😦

  57. One wonders why the US is letting in Chechens in the first place?

  58. there are many refugees from Chechnya in the United States. There’s a large community in Charlotte, in fact.

  59. Really, Carol? I knew there was a sizable community in California, didn’t know that there was a large community in Charlotte as well.
    To hazard a guess, I’m thinking there wasn’t a sizable Chechen community in the Boston area, otherwise, there’d have been support that would have nipped any such planning in the bud.

    Two Chechen wars, there were an estimated 300000 to 450000 displaced from 1990 and 2000.

    For those who are interested, there is quite a bit you can find from the links in this article:

  60. I don’t recall the name of the charitable organization in Charlotte that helps refugees get settled, but a gentleman who works there attends my church. He spoke a lot about the various refugees from all over and for some reason, Charlotte has become popular with Chechnyans.

  61. The state is pretty popular with Saudis as well, my friend’s older brother is in the Research Triangle area, with plenty of other Arabs in the area as well.
    To hazard a guess, I’d think it might be the climate.

  62. There’s a big difference climate wise though between Chechnya and Saudi Arabia!

    Yes; NC is popular with Saudis. There are great schools and organizations here.

  63. Quite true. While, you can get rather muggy in summer, you don’t get sandstorms. 🙂
    Though, your hurricanes beat what Saudi gets. :/

    Our youngest daughter lives in the Charlotte area, she loves it there, save for being far from family.

    My area has great schools and organizations, however, we have Philadelphia. 😉

  64. You’ll have to let me know when you plan to visit your daughter. It’d be a pleasure to meet you and the Mrs!

    On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 1:02 PM, American Bedu

  65. We wish that we could, but we’re caring for my nearly 83 year old father.
    Our youngest is actually flying home tonight or tomorrow to visit him in the hospital, as he decompensated again with his congestive heart failure.
    The doctors will be doing a cardiac catheterization to see if they can use the new aortic stent valve to replace his badly damaged one as soon as they can get the fluid out of his lungs.
    And get him prepared for dialysis, as his kidneys are quite badly gone now.

  66. Very sorry to hear this, Wizard. I will say some prayers for him.

    On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 1:22 PM, American Bedu

  67. Thanks. It’s been a battle at times, keeping him stable. He ignored his health while I was deployed and when I retired and was contracting.
    I declined a new contract when I found out he was ignoring CHF and came home.
    It took 18 months, but we got him stable again for the past two years.

    At least now, the aortic stent valve isn’t experimental in the US, nor is percutaneous valve replacement (something that’s been common in Europe for 20 years).

  68. It is sad, that this bothers have ruined their lives and others lifes because of one religion…………..but i hope it did not disturb the big weapon deal between ….KSA and …………………..US

  69. Every American Muslim’s Fear After Boston Bombings …

    The Tsarnaev brothers are Muslim. They are homegrown jihadists. But careful, writes Charles King, are these terrorists really any different from Adam Lanza and other mass murderers …

  70. Bad news. Yesterday at a garage sale I spoke to an lady (obviously Muslims) and asked about how she felt about the bombing in Boston. She said it had nothing to do with Islam. I asked if perhaps the hate and violence in the Quran wasn’t a factor. She said the Quran only teaches peace. I asked how she felt about Mohammad;s many attacks on his neighbors and she started walking away. Not giving up, I asked about the persecution of the Copts and her last words to me were “Go to hell!”.

    It is never Islam. That is why it will not get better; that is why there will be more bombs, murder and suffering. Muslims are incapable of reflecting on Islam or being honest about their ideology or even their own actions. BTW, their uncle says they were radicalized in the local mosque We are doomed.

  71. Yes, kactuzjay, we are doomed.
    For, now it seems “the right thing to do” to go to a stranger’s home and pick a fight with them over religion.
    Ignoring the hell out of Christian violence that has spanned millenia.

    Now, a reading project for you. Go to the Southern Poverty Law Center and look first at their hate map. Then, look up religious hate groups and religious extremist groups.
    Then, think about the fact that quite a few groups don’t make it onto the radar.

    Yes, we’re doomed, for we’ve forgotten how to conduct civil discourse or even how to use our minds.

  72. Well said, wzrd1! Closed minded people are of every religion. I wonder if some of the Christians who live around me realize how much there attitudes turn me off to their idea of religion.

  73. I think the woman spoke to you in the manner that you deserved. Good on her!!!

  74. Kactuzjay,

    This is very sad. The problem is that Muslims know we are very tolerant and they’ll continue to walk confidently in our world and tell us to go to hell whenever we dare to ask them any questions. One of the worst mistakes ever made by Western politicians was that they allowed Muslims to live in the West – this is going to have horrific repercussions and will result in great suffering for many non-Muslim generations ahead. They should have NEVER been allowed to live outside their world.

    I must say I am so grateful that I live in a European country where Muslims are in the minority. They are not Muslim immigrants but Muslims who have been here for several hundred years. They have completely integrated with the non-Muslim majority and are very well behaved. Thankfully, my country is not interesting to the scum that inundates the West because we are not as rich as other countries in Europe, so we are lucky enough to be bypassed for “better” destinations.

    I wish the woman you talked to was at least a little uncomfortable with the fact that she was a Muslim in a country devastated by the Muslims but by the sound of your post, she was quite cocky. A couple of days ago, I saw a picture of a veiled Muslim woman making an obscene gesture with her middle finger in front of the camera in “Daily Mail”. No shame and no femininity at all. I can only imagine what would have happened if a Western non-Muslim woman made this sort of gesture in public in Saudi Arabia and about. She would not be forgiven or shown the same tolerance!

    We are expected to show tolerance to Muslim groups that come to settle in our world but we are not shown the same tolerance in the Muslim world – it is this that makes me really sad.

    According to the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers, they were “losers filled with hatred and incapable of fitting into society”. This is only the beginning – there are many people like the Tsarnaevs who move to the West where their heads won’t be chopped for nothing like in KSA, and they still can’t fit and hate everything around.

  75. I am beginning to have serious doubts that Wzrd1, Kat Canfield and Wendy are Westerners. More like people who type their posts somewhere in the Middle East. Their priorities seem totally misplaced in Boston’s aftermath.

    Wzrd1, Kactuzjay did not go to a stranger’s home to pick a fight – he (or she) spoke to the woman at a garage sale, which means the conversation took place in the street. And then non-Muslims have every right to be emotional after a yet another mass tragedy “authored” by Muslims. You would have excused a Muslim for putting questions to a Christian person if Christians killed Muslims, wouldn’t you?

    Kactuzjay, don’t listen to Wendy at all – you did the right thing; you said the right thing; you asked the right questions; you had every right to ask that woman questions about her religion. She was the rude one, not you. These people have to get used to the thought that if they want to live in our world, they’ll have to answer questions – after all, if we are supposed to play by their rules in their world without complaint, they’ll have to repay the favour. The real problem is that none of these people understand why they should repay anything. Rather than playing by our rules, they do play us by our own rules. Just try that on them in the Middle East and you’ll have your head chopped off before you blink.

    You wrote a great post. In fact, I wrote you a much longer answer but the spam filter “ate” it once again. Hopefully, Carol will take it out.

  76. I had a woman here in Charlotte tell me that I am not a Christian and doomed to hell because I will not denounce Muslims! Some minds are so rigid and tightly closed.

  77. Wzrd1, Kat, Wendy and Carol. That’s right, guys, beat up on me – wham, boom, kapuun, thump, etc….

    My point was is that is absurd to discount the propensity among Muslims to not only carry out deadly acts of terrorism, but to be responsible for discrimination and oppression in those countries where they dominate. This is just a matter of facts and statistics. Why must so many treat any linkage between oppression, human rights abuses, and violence, on one hand, and Islam, on the other, as a subject that is entirely irrational and off-limits? Why must we be sensitive to feelings when the issue is death and distruction? It is like the young Saudi blogger imprisoned because he tweeted (about Mohammed) that he “didn’t like everything he did”. He wasn’t even given a chance to explain – just the thought of saying anything unkind about Islam or Mohammed is a crime. Do we want that here? If one is not honest about a problem, any problem, it will not be solved. That is why Wzrd1 and I are doomed.

    Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. One thing is certain: The thousands of dead bodies from NYC, to London, to Madrid, to Mumbai, to Islamabad, to Baghdad, to Karachi and now Boston deserve more than silence so that peoples’ feelings are not hurt.

    PS: It was difficult, but somehow I managed to be nice and not leap across the pavement and rip her throat out, as is to be expected of all evil people that dare criticize a perfect religion and its wonderful, virtuous prophet. Is that better?

  78. Easy Jay….I didn’t think my comment was harsh or a criticism. I only shared a recent experience I had.

    On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 3:43 PM, American Bedu

  79. Carol, I laugh at someone who tells me I’m not Christian for not denouncing one faith or another. I then explain that I’m *not* a Christian, I’m a deist.
    I have grave reservations about any faith that believes in a creator who is perfect enough to make an operational and balanced universe, yet is so utterly inept as to have to micromanage one species on a fifth rate planet in a third rate solar system on an obscure outer arm of a middling galaxy.
    My supreme law the Constitution of the United States of America and the concepts involved in the framing of that Constitution.
    Interestingly enough, quite a few who had significant input on that Constitution were deists.

    Of course, the flip side of that coin is remembering that our nation was largely planned in local taverns in and around Philadelphia.
    Good Lord, this nation was founded by Norm from Cheers! 😉

    So, Kactuz, I’ll not criticize one faith, but every faith that has used and continues to use violence and oppression, but I shan’t single one out out of the crowd of them.
    For, there are few saints and loads of sinners, both in populations and among the many faiths on this little planet.

  80. Carol, I could never be mad at you!!!! You are so calm, so balanced and so sweet it drives me crazy. You have lived, loved, been bruised and bloodied and still you fight on.
    Not mad at the others, not Wizard, not Catwoman and not the redhead, either. We are in this together and I am not a prophet or judge — Just an old guy with an opinion.
    I have not forgotten May, either. Just as soon as I work out my trip to Mayberry I ask your address. Ever heard of Southern PInes?

  81. I hear you Wzrd1, go for it. And good luck with your dad. My father is kind of in the same situation, but he is 90. I thought he was a gonner early last year but my kid sister (35 years younger than I) took him in and takes care of him. It is kind of scary to see a small, skinny, 5 foot tall girl stand in front of my dad and shake her finger and tell him “Mister, you will take your medicine or else, and I don’t want any excuses!”. Never though I’d see anybody talk to my Dad like that.

  82. Jay – you just email me when your trip is planned. I’ve heard of Southern Pines but not exactly sure where it is. I’m taking a house guest to Mayberry next month!

    On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 4:36 PM, American Bedu

  83. I love Mayberry. Still a very quaint place.

  84. Oby, I’ve missed you!

    Google thinks Southern Pines and Charlotte are 2 hours and 10 minutes away. Southern Pines is 1.5 hours from me. So y’all are going to Mt.Airy? We went last October.

  85. Isn’t Mayberry fictional? I missed the Andy Griffith show being out of country, but saw reruns in the 90s. Andy was ok but Barney, both Barneys (deputy and dino) were hard to take. Now that Aunt Bee was a real dish.

    It seems that Southern Pines is about 60-80 miles from everywhere. Known mostly for golf or some other stupid game. Seems that someone in the future inlaws lives there. Gosh — barney, goober and gomer country and 96% white. I told you I was doomed.

    Even so, if it gives me a change to pay my respects to carol i will be happy as I am for the kids.there getting married.

  86. Carol, I posted two comments in reply to Kactuz Jay’s posts yesterday and they did not appear. Could you please take them out of the spam filter?

  87. Breitbart News has learned that the Saudi National questioned after the Boston Marathon Bombing had his deportation order records altered, rescinding his deportation order.

    EMERSON: And the documents are going to surface or at least members of Congress have it right now, and they’ll make the contents public. We don’t know if he was connected to the bombing or not, but it’s a strange coincidence for sure.

  88. Mt. Airy was the home of Andy Griffith and Floyd the barber, well into his 90’s still cuts hair there! Mt. Airy has an area of the town made over as Mayberry complete with the jail, diner, Opey’s candy store, Mayberry museum and more. Visitors can even get a ride in the old police car or a picture taken in one of the jail cells. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon!

    On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 6:24 AM, American Bedu

  89. @Jemma, if I had a nickle for every time a congresscritter made allegations that there were documents about that would “soon be released”, but such never existed, I could buy Bill Gates.
    The fact is, congresscritters will say nearly anything to get airtime or a write-up in a newspaper.
    That said, ICE is known to start deportation proceedings on even a hint of criminal activity, so there may be some substance of a nebulous nature supporting the wilder part of the claim. But, it wouldn’t be an “altered record”, it’s be initiation of proceedings, then rescinding the order for proceedings.

    But then, I remember the House un-American Activities Committee that lived up to its name, declaring such dangerous folks like Zero Mostel as threats to the nation’s security and even jacking Lucille Ball up over alleged political affiliations.
    Anything for a headline and to “be seen doing something”, even if that something is useless or even causing more problems than we already have.

  90. Kactuz … I’m a Canadian agnostic bordering on atheist. I think all religions suck. Does that surprise you?

  91. I recall in the old testament, it said man was created in God’s image. Guess that means even God is not perfect. I believe there is one God. How I worship or talk to him is my business and each persons is theirs. I hate the point of a sword no matter who is on the business end of it.

  92. Jay/RC/Jemma,

    Don’t lose heart. This always happens: every time there is a jihad terror attack or foiled plot, the lame stream media and muslim apologists like this wzrd1, Wendy and like, their eyes filled up with crocodile tears, and with stories about Muslims worrying about a “backlash.” The “backlash” never materializes.

    In reality, the stream of stories about fears of “backlash” are designed to deflect attention away from the jihad attack and onto Muslims as victims, who as victims ought to be exempt from scrutiny and accountability (even though no U.S. mosque or Islamic school has any program designed to teach against the al-Qaeda version of Islam that they ostensibly reject). In reality, a detailed analysis of FBI statistics covering ten full calendar years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks reveals that, on a per capita basis, American Muslims, contrary to spin, have been subjected to hate crimes less often than other prominent minorities.

    From 2002 to 2011, Muslims are estimated to have suffered hate crimes at a frequency of 6.0 incidents per 100,000 per year – 10 percent lower than blacks (6.7), 48 percent lower than homosexuals and bisexuals (11.5), and 59 percent lower than Jews (14.8). Americans should keep these numbers in mind whenever Islamists attempt to silence critics by invoking Muslim victimhood.

    Muslims regularly accuse the West of Islamophobia. The constant violence and terror attacks by Muslims, as seen recently in Boston, show that many Muslims actually want us to fear Islam. But we are not afraid. We have ISLAMONAUSEA. We feel disgusted by their unconstitutional religion whose holy book literally orders its followers to harm and kill non-Muslims. It is shocking to see how media and politicians, first of all Barack Hussein Obama, avoid mentioning the terrorists’ religion and thereby keep the population ignorant concerning uncomfortable truths about this cult called islam

    Recent polls show that Islam is the most disliked religion in the west, where only one fourth do not dislike Islam. If you feel a bit Islamonauseated, you are not alone.

  93. Trust me, I have no tears.

  94. This is a test….. Having trouble posting….

  95. Since I live in Chechnya, I would like to throw some flashlight on the name Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed last Thursday night in a chaotic shootout in Boston with police. He was named after a brutal and vicious warlord and one of history’s most cruelest conquerors.

    Amir “Lame” Temur, also known as Tamerlane, was a Central Asian ruler and warlord who lived in the 14th/15th centuries. Scholars estimate that his military campaigns throughout Central Asia, Africa, Europe, and the modern Middle East killed about 17 million people, or 5 percent of the world’s population at the time.

    Identifying strongly with Mongol culture, Tamerlane wanted to restore the empire of Genghis Khan and conquered the modern nations of Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Syria, India, and southern regions of Russia. He was a devout Muslim who referred to himself as the “Sword of Islam,” even though he razed many of the Islamic world’s greatest cities at the time.

    Although Tamerlane died six centuries ago, his legacy still carries enormous weight throughout Central Asia. The Tsarnaev brothers are Chechen, and Tamerlan, the older of the two, fled Chechnya with his family in the early 1990s to escape the bloodshed that followed the fall of the Soviet Union. He came to the United States with his family in either 2002/2003 under refugee status from Kyrgyzstan.

    To say Tamerlane evokes mixed reaction across Central Asia would be an understatement. Respected as a national hero in Uzbekistan, site of his imperial capital of Samarkand, he is regarded with loathing—with good reason—by the country’s neighbors, who remember, more than 600 years after his death, the numerous outrages he committed against them.

    Tamerlane’s reign in Central Asia was marked by shocking brutality. He used terror as a central aspect of his military strategy, and for better or worse it worked. Enemies were buried alive, cemented into walls, trampled to death by horses. The dreadful hallmark of his military campaigns, his battlefield signature … were the huge towers built from the severed heads of his slaughtered enemies and set alight as warnings to other cities not to oppose him. Despite the towers of skeletons, Tamerlane, ironically, described himself as a peaceful man.

    According to many folklores, he has purportedly said that he is not a man of blood, after he conquered modern-day Aleppo in Syria, and that God is his witness that in all my wars he has never been the aggressor, and that my enemies have always been the authors of their own calamity.

    Quite the namesake :)-

  96. Thank you for the history lesson and input, Izzat.

    On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 7:58 PM, American Bedu

  97. Tamerlane apparently has a history like Mohammad. Despite all that is documented to say otherwise he claimed to be a prophet of peace. Tamerlane’s biggest mistake apparently was that he did not state he was a prophet of God. If he had people would be worshipping him today and his make believe religion.

  98. Reality Check, let’s have a little reality check here.
    One holds a garage sale out of one’s garage, typically in one’s driveway or lawn. That isn’t a public place, it is the curlitage of the property.
    Frankly, if someone were to approach me and ask such questions, even though I’m a deist, I’d be a great deal ruder to that person. Patton style rude.

    Moe, I shed no tears over anything. I far prefer a balanced persective, rather than hyperbole and hysteria.
    To be blunt, I’ve killed more terrorists than you could even begin to consider, it came part and parcel with my military duties.
    I also remember interpretors who were assigned to my teams jumping in the way of incoming fire to save the lives of my team members, at the expense of their own lives. They were Muslim men.
    By your candle, those men should have been killing my team members, rather than sacrificing their lives protecting them.
    Let’s have a little reality check here as well, with approximately 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet, if even a solid minority, say 3% wanted our nation destroyed, we’d be in sorry shape.
    The reality is, the majority don’t really care at all about us either way. A miniscule minority, far below 1% are extremists who cause trouble.
    And when I consider Christians in this nation alone, the Christian militias, the KKK, abortion clinic bombins, the Olympic Park bombing, assorted instances of battery against various individuals over their race or faith, we have a larger percentage of folks who do cause harm.
    For, it is hate and extremism that is the enemy, not any one particular faith.

    As for this particular attack, it’s not in a PLO or AQ style, the bombs went off too close together and too far from one another. The major terrorist groups prefer to set their bombs from 10-20 minuts apart at the same scene, to catch first responders in the carnage. It isn’t even Chechen style attack, for they use a similar formula.
    So, I’ll await the completion of the investigation, the tracing of the purchases of components, the questioning of the suspect in custody and facts.
    Not blather about any group, faith or the wind direction. One relies on factual information, accurate intelligence and uncontestible evidence in order to have any effective operation against any criminal group.
    And first and foremost, terrorists are criminals.

  99. I am having a heck of a time posting….

    Wiz, it is not about 1%; the fact is that 99% of Muslims accept unquestioningly the violent and derogatory dogma of Islam. If it were only 1% we wouldn’t see the intolerance and discrimination against non-Muslims that is the norm throughout the Islamic world.The majority of Muslims may appear to be peaceful, but they let the radicals rule their lives and make policy. These same ‘moderates’ also go out in the streets and call for the death of cartoonists, apostates and anybody who supposedly insults their dear prophet. In the west they try to silence any critic of Islam, in anyway possible. Yes, the radicals kill, but the moderates make excuses and pretend the problems has nothing to do with Islam.

    Until Muslims in the islamic world treat non-Muslims (and even other Muslims) as they would want to be treated (or as the demand that we do) I see no reason to believe that Muslims in the West share our values or want peace.

    Did you see what those Adventists did or were trying to do in Canada? Oh wait, they were mormons, oh, wait….

  100. Wendy, I though you owned a fast food business. I have no problem with agnostics or athiests, except when they say that all religions are the same. That is not true — the druids are different from the druse and nobody would confuse the Amish with Muslims, even if males in both often have beards.

  101. Kactuz, the fact is, 99% of any religious system accepts peace. The “other” does not.
    Hence, various terrorist attacks.
    What sucks is, other belief systems also find reason to apply.
    The reality isn’t some religion or belief system, no matter how idiotic it seems to the random observer, all end up idiotic at the end of the day of observation.
    The reality is, extremism.
    That is the root cause of any form of violence. Bit it Hitler with his fascist system, the far right in the US, echoing Hitler via ignorance, be it Christian or Muslim beliefs.
    At the end of the day, it’s idiots being idiots and using violence, since they lack superior methods to espouse their viewpoint.

    Because, those streets you mention are my own streets, though I don’t live there now, due to requirements for my father’s survival.
    I’ve had to let my own home be vacant and robbed of a lot of copper to keep my father alive. No biggie, a few dollars of PVC will win the day, wiht a lot of annoyance.
    The reality is, life sucks, but it beats the hell out of the alternative. For, I’ve had zero friends call me up after dying and temm me dead is cool. Only living adversaries doing that.
    The reality is, dozens of damned good men dead, falling in front of rounds coming into my men’s bodies. My men survived. Those interpreters did not.
    Reality must meet the road in this real word.
    Most Muslims are “good Catholics” and go to Mosque when required.
    That is REALITY, not nonsense of 1.6 BILLION people wanting us gone, with our massive 350 million to counter it.
    Dude, the math is *REALLY SIMPLE*!
    I don’t respect that faith, inside myself, than any other idiotic faith, which encompasses 100% of all Earthly faiths.
    I’m a deist. Barely.
    ALL faiths are suspect, even deism.
    The reality is, who does bad deeds may be a criminal. Criminals are bad. Bad criminals are prosecuted, after capture. I’ll not even go into my heartburn over the Patriot act, the SCOTUS decided under Lincoln that when the courts were in session, habeas corpus is extant.
    I’d debate further, but it’s late, I’m fatigued, I’ve had a few drinks to calm some physical pain and it’s late (yes, mentioned twice, for good reason, it’s LATE). :/
    And I’ve been living resident’s hours of late, to my almighty annoyance o something.

  102. Jay – why are you having trouble posting?

    On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 1:11 AM, American Bedu

  103. For all those amongst us who are confused between “militant” muslims and “moderate” muslims, here is a primer:

    They are all one and the same. Except that the militant muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate muslim holds the victims feet to the fire.

  104. Moe B,

    You have that typical neo-con paranoid mindset. There’s a common thread linking neo-con positions on gun control, immigration, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: the constant need to stoke fear. This fear, based on fraudulent wmd claims, is basically what enabled the Iraq War to take place. .html

  105. Hi Suzanne! Good to see you.

    I just read this and thought it was an interesting perspective:

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