Saudi Arabia: Would the Grand Mosque (Haram) Have Been Separated?

divided mosque


Just when you think you heard it all, a Saudi national, identified only as Abu Khaled, called in to a program hosted by Sheik Al-Mutlaq and hosted on the Al-Majd satellite channel.  Abu Khaled had a problem.  In his view the foreign (expatriate) Muslims who prayed in the mosques in Saudi Arabia were a disturbance.  They had dirty clothes and smelled bad.  Abu Khaled’s suggestion, more in the line of a request, was for separate mosques for the non-Saudi Muslims.  Can you imagine that?  It’s like a reminder of when the United States had segregation between those with white skin or black skin color.

Thankfully, Sheik Al-Mutlaq not only disagreed strongly with Abu Khaled’s suggestion, but put a stop to such nonsense.  Sheikh Al-Mutlaq told the questioner that his description of foreign workers reminded him of the condition of Saudi citizens at a time when the country did not know soap or shampoo. He told him that the dirty foreign workers might be closer to God than him. American Bedu agrees with Sheik Al-Mutlaq.

Just think, if another Sheik had not been so reasonable, future pilgrims might have been performing umrah or hajj in a divided Haram.


11 Responses

  1. Abu Khalid is an ignoramus. And anyone who dares to agree with him is just as sick of mind.

  2. Well, he should be happy that they still have sinful, filthy arwah women separated.

  3. If such segregation did ever come about…one would hope Non Saudi Muslims would make it a point to boycott Haj. I’m curious how much money would be made off a required religious rite then?

  4. there are many sick minded people out in the world. Abu Khalid is one of them… We Practice one Islam and yet we are not one!!

  5. Abu Khaled is sick person and he has a desceased heart (MARZ_E_FIL QALAB). He must be called in by the relevant ministry to warn him to avoid such statements hurting muslims at large.

  6. I’ve always said that there were two versions of Islam in Saudi Arabia. One of them is a form of Islam for Saudis only with modified rules.

  7. And which often boarders on evil!

  8. I watched that video few weeks ago and let me tell you that translation you based your article on was not accurate. Abu Khaled , whom I reject his nonsense question, asked if we can ask the labor not to attend mosques with us. He was not suggestion a segregation of any kind, just don’t come to a mosque and pray with us. I loved Sheikh Al-Mutlaq’s response. It was smart and firm.

    Lastly, if another Sheik was not so smart nothing will happen because it takes more than a question and an answer to bring about such a horrible change.


  9. Bottom line shows the racist mentality in some sections of Saudi Arabia…

  10. With due respect, Abu Khaled is misquoted here. I have myself seen the video and he was referring to ‘workers/ laborers’ who are outside, working on filth and under the sun and come inside the mosque with despicable smell. There was no mention of who is Saudi and who is not. I myself pray at mosques and whenever these kind of ‘smelly workers’ or even not workers pray beside me, I pray to God He bestows them the reason to understand the situation. The smell is just so unbearable, nothing compared to onions to which Abu Khaled mentioned a related hadith of the Prophet. Although the sheikh’s response was smart, it would most likely be expected of him. But this issue has to be ‘reasonably’ addressed in the same way airports and other public places have segregated rooms for smokers. It is ironic that many Muslims are so eager to defend Islam when branded with backwardness yet when faced with a situation wherein the power of Islamic reason can be applied, they choose to resort to rather not clear ways.

  11. One common man’s view, what’s the fuss about it? Dig out u will find much more horrible million haters around the world.

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