American Bedu is in hospital



Dear fellow readers of American Bedu, Carol is not doing well, she has been in hospital with lots of pain and she has been there for a few days now.

Carol is courageously battling a tough disease and her doctors are trying to help her, but there are up- and down moments, and this is a down moment.

This blog is very important to Carol, you all can make her happy by contributing, writing lots of interesting and serious comments, and engaging in lively discussions.




48 Responses

  1. Heloo Carol, I know before you told me about your disease and that time it was quite encouraging signs that you your health was improving. Once again i am optimistic and pray to God that you will be ok soon. We love you and love your blogs. So get well soooooooon Carol.

  2. That’s really sad news. I hope she pulls through this and gets well very soon. 😦

  3. I pray for your quick recovery and be back in your best health condition same as before (when you are younger). A lot of us readers, & friends care for you. Be strong and entrust everything to Allah. Get well and God bless.

  4. Carol, I will keep you in my prayers I pray for your good health, and I pray for a quick recovery. Take care my dear. Prayers to you from Riyadh ❤

  5. سورة النمل آية 62 قال تعالى : (أمن يجيب المضطر إذا دعاه ويكشف السوء) ـ
    ” Or, who listens to the (soul) distressed when it calls on Him, and who relieves its suffering, and makes you (mankind) inheritors of the earth” – Holy Qur’an – Surah Al-Naml – verse 62

    We will pray for you, Carol. Don’t give up hope.

  6. Sending positive wishes, thoughts and love, keep fighting x

  7. Get well soon Carol. All our prayers and best wishes!

  8. OMG Carol, So sorry to hear treatment is making you feel so badly. Your reader from Taif has you in his prayers.

  9. I am really sorry to hear you are in hospital, Carol and hope that you will soon be well enough to return home.
    I have only been following your blog for a couple of weeks but look forward to reading them very much. As an ex-pat in Saudi i can relate to a lot of what you write about but my experiences are very much from the point of view of a westerner and its enlightening to get the perspective from someone who has lived a more integrated life. Take Care x

  10. I’m so sorry the treatment is making you feel so badly. Our prayers are with you Carol.
    This blog is a monumental creation of yours and something you can always be proud of.

  11. thinking of you always, carol. you are an inspiration to so many and we are all behind you. i’m keeping you in my prayers. all my love and hugs to you. ❤

  12. thinking of you always, carol. you are an inspiration to so many and we are all behind you. i’m holding you in my prayers. all my love and hugs to you. ❤

  13. So sorry to hear you are in hospital and hoping that you will be home soon. Your delightful blog has got me through many ‘down’ days in Saudi – so appreciated. Best wishes

  14. Thank you for this highly interesting blog. As an English language teacher, I’m always interested in learning more about other cultures.

  15. Thinking of you…I pray you will recover quickly. You are loved & admired by so many.

  16. Praying for you, Carol.

  17. Carol, I hope you’ll get better soon. All the best.

  18. We all love you and pray for you:

    ‘Glory be to Thee, O Lord my God! I beg of Thee by Thy Name through which He Who is Thy Beauty hath been established upon the throne of Thy Cause, and by Thy Name through which Thou changest all things, and gatherest together all things, and callest to account all things, and rewardest all things, and preservest all things, and sustainest all things—I beg of Thee to guard this handmaiden who hath fled for refuge to Thee, and hath sought the shelter of Him in Whom Thou Thyself art manifest, and hath put her whole trust and confidence in Thee.
    She is sick, O my God, and hath entered beneath the shadow of the Tree of Thy healing; afflicted, and hath fled to the City of Thy protection; diseased, and hath sought the Fountain-Head of Thy favors; sorely vexed, and hath hasted to attain the Well-Spring of Thy tranquillity; burdened with sin, and hath set her face toward the court of Thy forgiveness.
    Attire her, by Thy sovereignty and Thy loving-kindness, O my God and my Beloved, with the raiment of Thy balm and Thy healing, and make her quaff of the cup of Thy mercy and Thy favors. Protect her, moreover, from every affliction and ailment, from all pain and sickness, and from whatsoever may be abhorrent unto Thee.
    Thou, in truth, art immensely exalted above all else except Thyself. Thou art, verily, the Healer, the All-Sufficing, the Preserver, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful. a prayer by ‘Bahaullah’

  19. There is not a day that I do not think of you. I was so looking forward to attending your Pampered Chef party. I look forward to seeing you whenever it is rescheduled. In the meantime, fighter that you are – keep fighting.

  20. So sorry you’re down right now Carol. Thinking of you always.

  21. Hello! Please feel better! I love your blog, and can’t wait till you get back! :]

  22. The head chief diplomat of Saudi-Western dialogue is out of commission–we pray she rebounds, with the help of God, and starts another round of stimulating thought! Ameen.

  23. Dear Carol,
    I hope you will become well soon and will fight that off.and soon be back.miss you .

  24. I wish Carol the best, all I can offer is my admiration and respect. Thinking positive thoughts here.

  25. I’ve enjoyed following your blog for quite some time time now. I’ve learned so much about Saudi Arabia and its people through you. I’m very grateful to you for putting so much time into sharing your fascinating life with us. I’m thinking of you and hope that you are resting peacefully and are without pain.

  26. Dear Carol,
    My heart is heavy with the news that you are not doing well. Prayers will continue for your health, comfort, and peace. You’ve become a friend over the past few years that I’ve followed you and your story. You’ve been such an inspiration and source of information for me. I have felt such a kinship with you as we both have/had breast cancer and a Saudi husband.

    Do know that you are loved and prayed for. I pray that God will wrap you in his loving arms and give you comfort.


  27. I pray for your quick recovery Carol
    we love you! Come back soon

  28. Prayers and bossah for you Carol !

  29. Praying for you, Carol. We need you back here to keep us all inspired!

  30. Carol,
    Love you so much!!!! And everyone here does too. The world is with you!
    Prayers and hugs from China!!!

  31. Dear Carol,

    I am so sorry you are not doing well and even sorrier that this involves a lot of pain.

    Although, I know your Prince waits for you on the other side I still hope Allah grants you more time here on earth.

    I am currently working in Bahrain, trying to get parents to read to their children and also to get adults to read for pleasure.

    Thank you so much for all the information you provided as it helped me understand this country in which I now work.


  32. May God grant you peace and comfort Carol- wherever your path is taking you now. Here or there- you are not alone.

  33. Thoughts and prayers are with you Carol. Be strong!

  34. I’m so sad to hear this news. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you well Carol 🙂

  35. My sincere prayers are with you. May God grant you good health and strength. Keep up your faith.

  36. Know that you are thought about and loved by many of your readers. May you get the needed medication to relieve your pain and soothe your soul. Warms hugs and love is sent to you today to bring you comfort in your hour of need.

  37. Carol, May The Force Be With You …

  38. May you find comfort in all paths you chose. My thoughts and hopes are with you and if it helps I am waiting in the wings for you to come out swinging on a agree to disagree moment. 🙂

  39. Carol is still very bad, and is unable to write or look after the blog. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

  40. Carol, many are praying for you – here, on Facebook and elsewhere. May the Lord bless and keep you, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.

  41. Dear Carol, I only just discovered your amazing blog this very day, after being a member of the Facebook page for quite a long time, through my aquintance with Susie. I heard you were ill, and decided to check out your blog. I’m really sorry to hear what you are going through and I have you in my prayers. From now on I will be a regular reader of your wonderful blog. Heartfelt blessing to you!

  42. Mrs Fleming, If you’re not feeling well, then I don’t feel well, so you better get better fast.

  43. You are OUR sunshine and it pains US all to see you sick. Please get well soon!!!!

  44. Please get well soon!!!!!

  45. Carol, recover quickly ‘cuz we all miss you ….

  46. its such a sad news to hear but am sure that all the reader here in American Bedu is praying for your fast recovery … sending you many love and wishes

  47. Carol, with all your blog-friends loving and praying for you it is the law of the universe that you ‘must’ get better. Strenght of prayer lies in numbers….You propably overdid it again. I too send you lot’s of love and include you in my nightly prayer. God bless you and give you lots of strenght and energy!!!

  48. Please hurry back!

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