Message from Carol, Family and Friends

Shoulder to lean on

The family and friends of Carol Fleming are uniting to raise money to help her with the costs in her battle with breast cancer.

Carol is beloved friend, sister, mom, aunt and grandmother. She is also a breast cancer Warrior. What she has overcome in the last few years in her battle has been truly amazing and her fight has brought inspiration to us all.  She is a selfless individual who has shown us all that with valiant determination and a “never give up” attitude that the sky is the limit and all things are possible.

But at this time Carol needs your help. Her cancer is quickly spreading and the prognosis is not positive. Her doctors have stated she requires 24×7 support if she remains living in her home, which is Carol’s wish. Carol’s friends and family are going to strive towards this goal, but there will be times when full 24×7 coverage may not be available and hired help may be required. These costs are very expensive and Carol and her family do not have the ability to cover all costs. We’ve received many inquiries from friends that may not be able to stay with Carol, but still want to help in some way so Carol’s time with us can be as positive, comfortable, and of the best quality as all possible. This site will give people the ability to contribute to a fund in Carol’s name that will be 100% utilized for her and her care. We thank you during this tough time for all of the love and support.

To donate please visit Carol’s Care Page

5/22/2013 Update:

Carol is resting comfortably at home for the past few days. Her family and friends are surrounding her with 24×7 care and love. She is very grateful for all your support.

The fund drive is progressing well. We are at 24% of the goal so far, due to your generous contributions. Please, keep Carol in your thoughts and prayers and visit her Care Page,  if you are able to contribute and/or would like to leave her a message of support.  


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  2. Carol, I donated and left you a note as well. I will flying to Cali in mid June to see my doctors and do the usual stuff, I can help if needed, I also posted your links on my facebook page and highlighted it and public noticed it so maybe donations will come in. I hope and pray that those who read and have been helped by your words of wisdom will also help you in your time of need, SINCE YOU HELPED SO MANY! I was and am very serious in my offer.

  3. Carol is very happy happy to be at her own place with her cats, please help us making her comfortable and happy.

  4. Hello Aafke-Art or any other person who has more direct contact with Carol – my husband and I would really like to visit her in either early June or mid July. We were wondering, is she accepting visitors? When would be a good time? Our stay in June is very rushed but seeing her is a priority, so if it is best to see her in June we will make our plans accordingly. If you could e-mail me that would be great (can you access my e-mail as a moderator?), or if there’s any other way to better get in touch!

  5. Catherine, a mail has been sent to you.

    We have seen some people from this blog having donated money to help Carol’s family getting sorely needed medicines for her.
    I wish to thank those people who have already donated very, very much. This is real help to support Carol. You are doing a really good deed.
    Thank you, and bless you.


  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well. I stumbeled upon your blog 4 months ago, since I know I migth go to KSA. I learned so much and appreaciate your fine ways of writing. Having a sharp mind, your emphasis and opinion on the important critical topics, but also the daily-life things makes it so interesting to read. Please take all of your strength, be with your family and return to your readers whenever you are ready to do so.

  7. I suggest you to add a Paypal donate button to the page.

  8. Carol:

    I have enjoyed your blog and I hope the best for you.

    Take care and enjoy your family.

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  10. unable to donate through the facility you have made available. I am in Australia

  11. Please, read the latest update at the bottom of the article.

    @Bitten, I have asked the fund drive organizer regarding the use of Paypal. Unfortunately that is not possible at this time, due to the complexity of rules for accepting contributions through that method.

    @JdH, indicated that the site is available globally. Can you provide more details on what issues you are encountering?

    Thanks you,

    Moderator #2

  12. Waw! We are at 24% already!
    It is wonderful to see that Carol has inspired so many people who offer real help and money to support her in these dark times!
    To have so many people do so much for her will make her feel happy and loved.

  13. @Carol, We miss you. I hope you are taking comfort in the love from your family and friends.

    The readers of the blog are really showing their support in a big way. I hope we all can chip in and support the fund raiser until the goal is reached.

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