Saudi Arabian movie Wadjda

We have posted on the first Saudi movie directed by a woman before. The movie by now has gained many accolades, and there is a trailer for the movie.

wadjda 1

Saudi Arabia’s first woman film maker, Haifaa Al-Mansour, said her country was becoming “more tolerant and more accepting” as she picked up an award in Cannes on Saturday for her acclaimed film “Wadjda”.
The 2012 tale of an impish young Saudi girl who plots to own a bicycle in defiance of a ban has won the hearts of critics and public alike in France, Germany and Switzerland, where it is being distributed.

Filming “Wadjda” was an odyssey in itself.
In conservative neighbourhoods, local residents would block shooting, or Mansour would have to direct from a van with a walkie-talkie, as she could not be seen in public together with male crew and actors.

In Saudi Arabia the film itself will only be seen on DVD or on television, as cinemas there are banned.


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2 Responses

  1. Interesting

  2. The trailer looks good. I really want to see this movie.
    It seems to be a ”feel-good” movie too.

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