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Dear readers,

As you all know the Americanbedu site has been more than an average Blog. It created a sense of community where people from different backgrounds joined on a daily basis to read Carol’s thoughts and interact with each other. Carol had worked diligently to provide materials that spurred interesting discussions, debates and better understanding.

One of Carol’s wishes is for the blog to continue providing this benefit to her readers after her passing. As her friends we would like to honor her wishes and continue her legacy. We cannot promise the same diligence of writing a daily post, but we will do our best to write an interesting article on a weekly basis. We would also like to solicit help from the readers in ghost writing. 

Here are some thoughts on helping us achieve the goal:

  • Volunteers can send posts to the admin mailbox We will schedule them for publishing and let you know of the date
  • Writers can remain anonymous, include a monogram, screen name or real name. We will honor your choice
  • Articles should relate to Saudi Arabia or Breast Cancer
  • In keeping with Carol’s mission, articles should promote understanding and not overly promote specific political ideology or religion
  • Articles relating to expat experiences in Saudi Arabia will be of keen interest

There are no expectations of commitment to any specific number of posts or schedule from volunteers. Just send us an email to the admin email-box indicating your interest. We may send requests every now and then for help, but we will not require action.

Please, let us know your thoughts in the comment section on how to keep the blog active and a place for this community of readers to visit and enjoy. 


11 Responses

  1. Sadly I only discovered this website one post prior to this. However, I think its great that you wish to continue with it. Inshallah I hope to contribute. Warmest wishes.

  2. I liked American Bedu’s blog posts very much, I liked her writings and her posts. It’s really hard for me now to have interest in the blog, although as her wish I think her friends should respect her wish. For me it’s goodbye to American bedu.

  3. May Carols soul rest in peace, I am sure someone is going to come and really take this blog to super heights, for God will definitely answer the last wishes of truly prayed soul.

  4. We miss u Carol

  5. I would have to agree with abbsij. I was an avid reader/follower of Anerican Bedu. I loved the way she wrote and her very diplomatic tone. In the short time since the moderators took over, this blog has not been the same. I will choose to remember her and this blog BCP(before carols passing). Goodbye Bedu. May you finally be at peace.

  6. Stephanie, So when exactly did this remarkable change occur according to you?

  7. I was wondering if the blog would continue. If it can go on as Carol wished, that would be wonderful.

  8. This blog is important. It is unfortunate that I can only see about 50 percent of it since I am in China. I am looking forward to the day that I can see this blog again in full view. ( the photos and pictures are blocked here)

  9. Good to see you are trying to carry out Carol’s wishes on keeping her blog going.

  10. I, for one, will stay tuned here as Carol would wish.

  11. I never had the chance to meet Carol here in KSA, but I think she was an amazing woman, Good rest her soul. I am sure she wanted her blog to continue, and thank you for doing that.

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