Saudi Arabia: Women are to blame for rise of harrassment


From a survey conducted by the King Abdul Aziz centre for National Dialogue it seems that Saudi  men believe women are to blame for the rising cases involving molestation of females on the grounds they are seduced by women’s excessive make up.
The findings were included in a survey conducted by the Riyadh-based King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue and involved 992 males and females.

The survey, carried by Saudi newspapers, found that 86.5 per cent of the men polled believe that women’s exaggeration in wearing make-up is the main cause of the rise in molestation cases in public places.


Although women are forced to be fully covered in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region is also known for the fashion of a more ”expressive” style of make-up. Especially at weddings women indulge in very strong make-up styles. All humans, in all times and places, even our pre-homo sapiens ancestors, felt the need to express themselves with beads, shells and colour. This is actually the first manifestation of human artistic creativity.

Cave Painting, South Algeria
It is therefore only to be expected that when people are allowed no part of themselves to be visible except the eyes, then the human need to express oneself will be concentrated on the eyes.

Photo from Blue Abaya Blog

Photo from Blue Abaya Blog

About 80 per cent of the persons polled believe lack of deterrent penalties and the absence of specific anti-molestation laws are also to blame for the phenomenon
The report also said 91 per cent of the respondents, all aged above 19, believe another key factor is the “poor religious sentiment” while nearly 75 per cent said the problem is caused by lack of awareness campaigns and warning notices at most public places.

Emirates 24/7 News


20 Responses

  1. Of course women are to blame for being sexually harassed. Men are not to blame for anything at all. Women are to blame for existing in the first place, for if we never existed, men would never have anybody to harass and they would be as innocent as lambs. I still have difficulty understanding why any woman with an ounce of brain and self-respect would choose to marry a Saudi and move to a country which is so mentally backward that it is still speaking about needing “awareness campaigns” on something that hasn’t been an issue on other continents for at least the last couple of hundred years.

    I used to think that covering women from head to toe was cruel and suffocating but I’ve changed my mind. When the male mentality is so bad, I think covering women from head to toe is the only right thing to do.

  2. This is a fake reason to bother ladies , lady with make up or not is same, what a shame that someone try to blame ladies for men disbehave and not being a gentlemen .
    They understand make up as a sign of (easy to get lady type )
    Thank you for updating this lovely Americanbedu again

  3. Abdullah, thank you for commenting and mentioning something I have always wondered about, why is it taken for granted that men will not behave like gentlemen? This must be so insulting to all (Saudi) men who are gentlemen, and treat women politely and with respect.

  4. Abdullah, from my personal experience in the Gulf area, a woman doesn’t need any make-up to be seen as “easy to get”. I did not wear any make-up and dressed very modestly for two years but I was harassed by all sorts of Arabs and Muslims all the time. Westerners have never harassed me. Westerners do not harass you in that region – they go about their business just like they would in their own world. You will not see an Indian man harassing strange women, either – Indians are too scared to lose their jobs and visas to indulge in such a “sport”.

    It is the fact that you are a woman and you are physically there that attracts the harassment – and it is all your fault because if you weren’t there, it would not have happened in the first place.

    The fact that you are a woman already means that you are “easy to get”.

  5. Once again one can only emphasize just how “Special” the KSA is. The people who think these things up are perverted people. Sad isn’t it?

  6. no, the fact is that they marry too late!….

  7. Thank you, Abdullah, I wish there were more men like you! And we need them every where, in the east as well as the west!

  8. … Not unlike the cleric who accused a female child of being “seductive” and “provocative”.

    If a woman can see the outline of man-parts through a distasha or trousers, is this reason for the woman to harass him?

    Some people are just sick.

  9. I think there is always a balance, extremes will result in other extremes. In the west in the nineteenth century women were encased in tight dresses and corsets from their neck to their toes and men would get all riled up about ”the provocative hint of an ankle”. In Saudi Arabia the extremes are taken to an extend which makes them get a hard one just by looking at something large and black.
    How can women be blamed for this sickness?

    Total segregation, total hiding of the sinful female form, it results in a whole society totally obsessed with sex, to an extend which we who live in normal, healthy societies cannot imagine.

    The veiling of women itself both erotices and objectifies women, it takes away a women’s personality and proclaims publicly that here goes a sexual object. The abaya is as much an erotic garment as black lace underwear, high heeled leather boots and a whip.

  10. I would like to say this all happened because there is gap between what Arab culture , religion opinion upon harassment and what men do which far away from both of religion and culture approval.
    people who was raised by open mind parents which has to teach them kid how to behave and guide them to be good person in future.
    religion does not allow harassment and there is punishment.
    community must stop give unreasonable reasons to hide the main ugly behave which ladies suffer from.

    my company will start to hire ladies civil engineers and my male colleagues start to make jokes about that which will make workplace looks unprofessional at all.
    I am saudi and I get trained in different countries and got some courses by ladies and work with some ladies on projects but its still weird facts about our community and difficult to understand or explain what happened like men not allowed to wear short in public places for funny example 🙂

  11. It is interesting though how the human (male) mind works:
    In a society/religion where women are denigrated to mindless sexual objects you would think that their imagined incapability of rational thought would protect them from being accused of anything. After all, it’s only the men who not only have all the power, but also the intelligence and must ”guide” their hapless harebrained dimwitted sex-objects. You’d think that it would be logical to blame men for their own trespasses against other men’s property…
    But no, somehow they have managed the intellectual acrobatics to still blame the women. Fascinating.

  12. Well said, Aafke. The more forbidden something is, the more you’ll crave it. Unlike their Arabian counterparts, European men are so calm and relaxed about women – the majority of them will never treat the opportunity to talk to a strange woman as their last ever. The Arab behaviour smacks of something that comes close to desperation. Sometimes I even thought that Arabs are actually afraid that someone may think they are not real men if they don’t stop you and try to talk to you. Whatever the reason for their insistence, though, it is still utterly unpleasant to be stopped by a completely strange man who refuses to understand that you don’t like talking to strangers and who gets angry at you for not wanting to answer his questions about your nationality, job, whereabouts and whether you have a man in your life or not. When I was in the Gulf, I was shouted at by complete strangers who called me “bad-mannered” for trying to just walk away without answering their questions. That was highly distressing for me as they seemed to have no understanding of when and where to stop.

    My mother still likes to recall the return from my first walk ever after my landing in Europe. After getting my first good night’s sleep in two years, I went out in my beloved home city and then came back saying, near tears: “God, it’s so beautiful to go out for a walk and walk throughout the entire city without anybody paying any attention to you.” Men would just pass by me, thinking about something else and not seeing me at all, not even thinking I was important enough to look at and that gave me the most beautiful sense of peace I had experienced in my 32 years of life. I still remember the feeling. It’s something I’ll never forget.

  13. wow, not surprised

  14. I would love to have Saudis go to any lake in the US in which people regularly go swimming. Most of the people are wearing relatively few clothes yet these spots are what most people in the US would think of as family friendly. There may be lifeguards but only to watch out for swimmers in trouble not to stop males trying to molest females.

    Modesty is as much about the observer as it is about the observed.

  15. Actually, if they did they would find out that nothing is less erotic than a bunch of normal people in swim wear.
    Or naked.
    Would probably be an instant cure…

  16. Jerry M *Modesty is as much about the observer as it is about the observed.*

    You’re totally right on that one btw.

  17. I spend time as a girl in the countryside in a village in Iraq (and in Baghdad) though I am American. (Before the wars.) I think the atmosphere of sexual segregation and veiling (even though less strict then than now) made the society like a single sex prison. I think veiling and segregation creates sexual deprivation and sexual hysteria.

  18. And segregation causes men and women who are not naturally gay to engage in homosexual relationships. As a consequence there is far more homosexuality in strictly Muslim countries.
    Now this is unnatural but then when you force people to live an unnatural life you will get unnatural behaviors. This is not theory, it’s right there, happening right now.

    We have also had commentators here in the past who when they get angry start throwing the most deviant, revolting sexual accusations around. This constant obsession with sex is very unhealthy, and it seems that most ills of Muslim societies are based on this all-invasive obsession with sex, from girls being sold to old men in ”marriage”, actually sexual slavery, from women being forced to wear black bags and not allowed to drive cars, to men blowing themselves up in the promise of an eternal orgy in heaven.

  19. Just came back from a beach with people dressed freely in vaious ways, believe me there is nothing enticing about that, after seeing so many humans in a swimsuit , I feel it’s the least sexually enticing thing..
    Norman people in swimwear… 🙂

  20. Echoing Aaftke-Art on extreme segregation creating homosexual relations that otherwise may not occur, reminded me of a Royal Saudi Air Force Sergeant being convicted of raping a 13-year old boy in Las Vegas:

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